Summer is a time for adventure and exploration. Family car trips, day trips to the lake, water park outings, camping, sleepovers, cookouts — there’s so much to do and see!

And for all of the above, it’s important to be prepared for anything. Before you hop in the car, be sure you have a first-aid kit at the ready. This is something you can create yourself, tailoring your DIY kit to your family’s own personal health needs and habits, along with some first-aid basics. We researched what healthcare organizations such as the American Red Cross suggest, and compiled the following list to get you started.

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Whatever you put in your DIY first-aid kit, make sure it’s accessible when you’re on the go. Place it in your vehicle and make sure your family members know it’s there. You never know when it’ll come in handy!

At Home

Of course, the unexpected can happen at home, as well. And in summer, storms or other dramatic events can cause injuries, or cut off communications, electricity and services you rely on. That’s why it’s good to have an emergency kit and supplies at home, too. ReadyAlabama, which is a state emergency preparedness initiative, suggests stocking up on the following (for a full list visit

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Just like your car kit, be sure to keep this kit in an easy-to-access location in your house, and let your family know about it. Also, make it clear that you didn’t assemble the kit to scare them. Rather, it’s there to help you stay safe and healthy. Hopefully, you’ll never have to actually use it.